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Monday, 28 January 2013


Here is a (rather terrible) video depicting just some of what I have been up to during the first month of my GAP year in England. Originally I had planned on doing regular posts showing pictures of my various outings, however when I arrived I found that the photo hosting site I use is blocked on the school wifi network!
So, my compromise is to take plenty of video footage to compile into a monthly video diary. Now that i know this, hopefully i can focus on getting some more interesting footage as well as work on my editing skills.... I promise these videos will improve as the year goes on!
Anyway, I hope this gives you a taste of GAP life!

(Watch in full screen)
The Bridge Crosser x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


As of tomorrow I will be flying out of Sydney and making my way to Heathrow airport on what will be my first oversea flight. For the next year i will be living in England working in a boarding school as a gap year student! To say I am emotionally unstable at the moment would be an understatement, the most accurate description would be extremely confused!
As one of the last things I did in Sydney, I was lucky enough to be able to climb the harbour bridge with my two brothers. This was probably one of the most lovely experiences i have ever had, especially as i have made it fairly obvious that I am a fan of the harbour bridge...
Every Sydney sider should definitely do this!

I can't wait to travel and experience new things this year! Happy new year everyone!
The Bridge Crosser x