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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As I have recently completed my final exams I felt that it was time to break free from the constraints of syllabuses and textbooks and undertake something more on the creative side. Throughout my exams I managed to maintain my sanity through creating an extensive list of all the things I wanted to DIY once I was done. So first up: a lace mini skirt!

I have had this fabric stashed away for quiet a while now not knowing what to do with it.  Although the leafy pattern strongly suggests autumn dressing, I have decided to use it anyway despite it almost being summer in Australia.

The pattern I have used to create the skirt is one I picked up second hand. I love vintage/retro patterns for the cute illustrations they have on the front! Used the pencil skirt which can be seen on the blond girl for my project.
So, onto the creation of the skirt. I wanted to make a feature of the pretty scalloped edges of the lace so i adjust the length of the pattern by folding it to the length I wanted, remembering i didn't have to leave additional fabric for the hem. As it is a fabric with a repetitive pattern, i made sure to line the pattern pieces up with the bias of the fabric which in this case was the scalloped edge. I then cut out the same pieces in a black lining.

The next step was then to create the darts on both the front and back of the skirt to help it fit. Remember the larger darts go at the back and the smaller darts go at the front.
After all the darts were sewn, it was time to sew up all the side seams and up to the notch of the middle back seam to create the channel for the zip.

Next, attach the two skirts together by placing the lace skirt inside the lining, right sides together.
Finally, insert the zip in the back and hem the lining so it is just slightly higher than the lace and you are done!

Hopefully soon I will style this skirt but it might have to wait until the weather gets a bit cooler. I can't wait to wear it with tights, boots and a mid-thigh trench coat!
The Bridge Crosser x

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